It Is so Easy to Fall in Love!

To date most of my blog has been about finding my wife.  Considering that it took most of my life to find Dianne, this story is one of my favorite subjects to think about.  Falling in love with Dianne was so easy.  I find myself falling in love with her every day.

When we were on the summer team in Manitoba, I still have the sweetest memories of watching her teach songs to the Indian kids at Keeseekowenin Reserve.  She was just beautiful!  She radiated a total sense of goodness about her.  Twenty seven years later those of you who know her still appreciate this in her.  I stopped one day on a road near Shortdale Manitoba, and took a picture of her in a field of Canola flowers.  Canola has a million bright yellow blossoms.  It looks like a field full of sunshine.  In the middle of this dazzling spectacle of nature was my Dianne.  Somehow she was more beautiful than anything around her.

The missionary we were staying with had a one year old daughter.  She would sit up in her high chair while we ate at their table.  Once in a while she would look distressed and I would look at her and say,  “Uh Uh Kyla, don’t cry.”  Like magic she would look at me and stop crying.  It is funny because my own kids never stopped crying when I asked them to, but the timing was great.  Dianne looked at me in amazement like. “Who is this man that can ask a child to stop crying with a simple request?”

I had been in dating relationship where it was like there was this feeling like if I stopped giving this relationship CPR at every moment it would die.  Loving Dianne was so easy.  We left the summer team driving through the Canadian Rockies.  A year later I was on my honeymoon with Dianne through these mountains.  Four years later I would conceive my first kid on a camping trip in the same place.  This is another story.  Eleven years late I would take my wife, pregnant with my third kid back to see our special place on the earth.  She is still beautiful.

So I go back to my question of where in the universe do I fit with my Dianne.  My best analogy is outside our solar system.  Sometimes two stars become captured in each other’s gravity.  The need each other, and they are captured in the presence of each other.  They spend the rest of their existence in orbit around each other.  This is my Dianne.  My life would be so incomplete without her.


One thought on “It Is so Easy to Fall in Love!

  1. Marie says:

    I have never read anything so sweet 🙂

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