Dianne, The early years

The idea of this blog is to explore the universe that is Sid.  How do I start without introducing you to my wife?  What can I say about that wonderful woman who is my soul mate?  How do I describe the beauty that is just simply who she is?

I have heard a lot of cheesy sermons in my life.  The most egregious sermons usually involve a Greek want-to-be trying to be a Greek expert.  I have heard all the beautiful dissections of the words for love, and the wonderful distinction of each word, and how superior one word is to each other.  Linguistically synonyms are similar and can be used interchangeably.  Synonyms also carry a distinction in meaning that we understand as a flavor of the world.

Love has many shades of meaning.  To me the most beautiful meaning of love is friendship.

My mom when she was young and conveying the excitement of her recent engagement, received the advice from a little old black lady on a city bus to just be a buddy to her husband.  I think that my deepest love for Dianne is tied into the fact that she is my buddy for life.  One of the neatest moments in our 27 year commitment was in a day that we both had a special thought.  To give you a little background, Dianne and I work together in our business.  I am around my wife more than anyone I know.  Sometimes I give Dianne the day off to catch up with life.  One day on one of her days off, I had to get with her to get the keys to an apartment or something.  We decided to meet over lunch.  We related that we were both excited to meet for a lunch date.   After twenty plus years of being together, my heart still leaps at the prospect of being with her.  I could never express the joy of walking each day with my buddy.

Sometimes it is funny the process that fate plays in meeting your soul mate.  In 1978 I went to an ACE convention at Hyles-Anderson.  I rode with a group of students that were kind of jerks from Louisiana.  When I got to Hyles, I ran into some of the guys who were a bit cooler from another church in Louisiana.  I moved down a few rooms, and shared my room with my friends from Louisiana, and some people from California.  Little did I know that I was sharing a room with my two future brother-in-laws, and two people who would be in my wedding?   The zoo that was an ACE convention at Hyles was fertile ground for my sarcastic wit.  I wrote letters from home that described falling asleep in the third hour of a Hyles sermon and having my hand fall out in the aisle, to be noted as a raised hand to the speaker.  I was lassoed by the ushers and dragged forward as a penitent sinner, and a new statistic for the numbers game there.  I rode with my new friends, to catch a plane to O’Hare airport.  My future brother-in-laws went home to tell their little sister about this funny guy they met in Indiana.  Little did I know that I had made a mark on my future soul mate?  Sidney Hagen had made his mark.

My brother-in-law, Mark is 6’8” tall.  A couple of years later I was a student at Bob Jones, I kept bumping into this tall guy who looked very familiar.  We put the connection together that we were roommates at the convention at Hyles.  Mark and James went home to tell their little sister that they re-met this funny guy at Bob Jones.  A couple of years later I was walking through the snack shop.  I looked up at this beautiful co-ed in a yellow shirt, and blue navy khaki skirt.  Beneath her beautiful face was a name tag which read “Dianne Kliewer.”  I asked her if she was related to Mark or James, and she asked me how I knew them.  I told her my name was Sidney Hagen.  She remembered that I was that funny guy from the convention at Hyles.  Little did we know we were looking at our destiny?


3 thoughts on “Dianne, The early years

  1. WandaV says:

    Awwwww, that deserves a big Awwww. That is sweet. God bless you both with continued Buddy-ship.

  2. What a great story of how you met Dianne! She’s a wonderful “buddy for life”! 🙂

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