Why am I here?

Why am I here?

This could be a deep philosophical question.  Fortunately I am neither deep nor philosophical.  This in fact is nothing deeper than the question of why does this blog exist.

During my school days, I would have laughed at the prospect that I would choose to write an essay.  I do remember that the word essay means an attempt. Often that “attempt” was an exercise in creative procrastination.  I view a writing assignment with the same affection of a dental visit.  For what it is worth my childhood dentist did not give Novocaine.

I reached half a century of existence last year.  Something I noticed in my decade of 40-50 is that I was becoming aware of the fact my life was at least half over.  Somewhere in life the desire to make my mark has become more important these days.  The exercise of distilling my thoughts into computer bytes on a server and putting them out for any anonymous web surfer to tap into my brain actually sounds appealing to me.  It may be that I am a pretentious actor looking at a new stage.  It might be that I am intellectually bored.  I will claim a noble cause and say that my desire is to make my mark.

One of my greatest joys in life is making people laugh.  To my anonymous web surfing friends, as I open up what is left of my brain, I invite you to laugh and enjoy the insanity that I call life.


2 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. thehidalgograincompany says:

    It’s not so much hitting the “5-0” mark that makes you feel old, it’s having your kids get older…

  2. As they get older it definitely intensifies the desire to make a mark in them. Sometimes their fresh outlook on life also makes me feel young again.

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